Pull my Noodle

It’s true. I’m on a noodle kick. What’s more true is that I’m on a noodle-on-the-cheap kick. Still, don’t confuse my perusal of the skint as a sign that my standards for taste have fallen faster than the global community’s faith in American economics. No no, I bring you only the good stuff…and today I deliver to your web-step:

Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle

A dear friend of mine brought me to this tiny joint with the promise of pleasure derived from their hand-pulled noodles and to-die-for dumplings. Although part-Chinese myself, I am generally skeptical of dining in Chinatown. Will I really walk away happy, well-fed, and free of food-poisoning? Fortunately at Lan Zhou the answer is a resounding: YES!

Despite my better judgment (and my friend’s warning of “HUGE portions”), I ordered a bowl of noodles WITH dumplings. He got noodles with egg. Our noodles arrived hot and fresh, perfectly gummy and with the crunch of baby bok choy. The veggie broth was light enough to incorporate my whopping dash of Sriracha sauce.

The dumplings in this soup were simply divine. The flavorful meat melds with the right amount of green onions. The doughy pouch is delicious.

Do yourself a favor and walk to the edge of the ghetto for these noodles and dumplings. 
Lam Zhou
144 E. Broadway (btw E. Broadway and Pike)
Take the F to East Broadway, walk west

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