Stemming the Brain Drain through Local Commitment

Through a chance meeting at a local style send-off for a mutual friend returning to New York City, I met Professor Christine R. Yano of the Department of Anthropology at UH-Manoa.  I shared my story as a kama’aina fresh back to the island after nearly a seven-year stint on the east coast of the U.S. mainland.  Over live Hawaiian music and pupus, a dialogue about the experience of returning “home to Hawaii” highlighted benefits like reconnecting with family, spending time with old friends, and enjoying the good weather. However, Professor Yano could sense that the return to my birthplace has not been wholly paradisaical.

Keen to further explore, Professor Yano invited me to be a guest on “Thinking Out Loud: Talking Issues, Taking Action”, a radio talk show Yano hosts  Monday evenings on KZOO-AM 1210. Presented by the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, the show is the only English-speaking program on the station.

The topic curated by Professor Yano for the August 2011 guest spot was “Stemming the Brain Drain Through Local Commitment.”

The audio may be streamed here (Chrome is ideal)