New Year! New Look!


Though I didn’t make it in time for January 1st, the Year of the Horse came galloping in with the winds of reality whipping through its mane and whispering that my website was terribly outdated. A combination of lion dances and copious amounts of gau rendered me committed to updating my online presence.

Readers of my blog when I lived in NYC will get a more subdued voice. I’m “older” now and don’t feel compelled to investigate every new culinary opus nor do I have the stamina (or beat up Converse All-Stars…high-tops, of course) to have first mover advantage on every new band on the scene. Life in Hawaii has given me the opportunity to explore my other interests I never knew I had.

…Like running for office. Yep, that’ll age a person >> See my¬†TEDxTalk. Running for office was a life-changing experience that I never anticipated. That one moment in my life led to many other wonderful opportunities that I’ll share with you here.

If you’re along for the ride, I hope you enjoy each post. Some posts may be long. Some may be short. Some may be serious. Some may be funny. No matter what, I want you to enjoy your time with me. While you wait for newer posts, please enjoy some of the older ones from yesteryear.

Mahalo and welcome!