“Community for Keiki” Month at the NCO (April 2014)

In an effort to diversify conversations at the Neighborhood Board meetings, the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO) dedicated April 2014 as “Community for Keiki Month.” For the boards’ first-ever monthly theme, the NCO gave a call to action for all 33 neighborhood boards to incorporate keiki through the invitation of keiki groups, schools, and relevant organizations. […]

HELP! the Kalihi YMCA

Last November 2013, I joined the Kalihi YMCA Board of Managers. When a friend and Kalihi Y staffer asked me to join, I was over the moon by the opportunity to work with a sterling organization that has done so much for Kalihi. Even my own mother went to the Kalihi Y as a student […]

New Year! New Look!

  Though I didn’t make it in time for January 1st, the Year of the Horse came galloping in with the winds of reality whipping through its mane and whispering that my website was terribly outdated. A combination of lion dances and copious amounts of gau rendered me committed to updating my online presence. Readers […]

Ars Gratia Artis

  Yesterday while biding my time before a board meeting I decided to stop by one of my favorite gallery-tiques (<–coined just now for gallery/boutiques) called hi (shortform for “human imagination”). Every First Friday, creative director and founder of hi, Rhandy Tambio displays handpicked artwork on his linen white walls. This month’s showcase features bold portraits […]

We are The Descendants

I’m writing this personal assessment of Alexander Payne’s “The Descendants” knowing that I will evoke the same brand of local provincialism that I’ve eschewed upon my return home to Honolulu after a stint on the East Coast. In the summer of 2004, during a celebration of my high school graduation, my tutu’s sister took me […]

Saving the Ham for Portuguese Bean Soup

“I know this sounds lame but do you have traditional Hawaiian food at Thanksgiving?” wrote a New York buddy of mine in a text message. “What?” I replied back. I knew what he meant. I chuckled. “You know…like the pork and the poy. All that stuff,” he wrote. “Ohh. Actually no. We do Turkey/Ham/Mash. The […]

Long day, longer noodles

After a 12-hour day at work, I wanted to be hugged by the warmth and soul of the chicken broth at the famed ramen mecca, Ippudo. On this particular visit, I went for a glass of Otokoyama sake (dry and light at $8) and the Wasabi Shoyu Ramen special (pictured, $13). The Otokoyama arrived sitting […]