Saving the Ham for Portuguese Bean Soup

“I know this sounds lame but do you have traditional Hawaiian food at Thanksgiving?” wrote a New York buddy of mine in a text message. “What?” I replied back. I knew what he meant. I chuckled. “You know…like the pork and the poy. All that stuff,” he wrote. “Ohh. Actually no. We do Turkey/Ham/Mash. The […]

Long day, longer noodles

After a 12-hour day at work, I wanted to be hugged by the warmth and soul of the chicken broth at the famed ramen mecca, Ippudo. On this particular visit, I went for a glass of Otokoyama sake (dry and light at $8) and the Wasabi Shoyu Ramen special (pictured, $13). The Otokoyama arrived sitting […]

Pull my Noodle

It’s true. I’m on a noodle kick. What’s more true is that I’m on a noodle-on-the-cheap kick. Still, don’t confuse my perusal of the skint as a sign that my standards for taste have fallen faster than the global community’s faith in American economics. No no, I bring you only the good stuff…and today I […]