HELP! the Kalihi YMCA

Last November 2013, I joined the Kalihi YMCA Board of Managers. When a friend and Kalihi Y staffer asked me to join, I was over the moon by the opportunity to work with a sterling organization that has done so much for Kalihi. Even my own mother went to the Kalihi Y as a student […]

We are The Descendants

I’m writing this personal assessment of Alexander Payne’s “The Descendants” knowing that I will evoke the same brand of local provincialism that I’ve eschewed upon my return home to Honolulu after a stint on the East Coast. In the summer of 2004, during a celebration of my high school graduation, my tutu’s sister took me […]

Saving the Ham for Portuguese Bean Soup

“I know this sounds lame but do you have traditional Hawaiian food at Thanksgiving?” wrote a New York buddy of mine in a text message. “What?” I replied back. I knew what he meant. I chuckled. “You know…like the pork and the poy. All that stuff,” he wrote. “Ohh. Actually no. We do Turkey/Ham/Mash. The […]